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Since 1998, the Zhong Cheng Quartz Glass Company Ltd. (ZCQ) has focused on providing quality optical fused quartz and optical glass products. We offer a quartz capillary tube, quartz rod, world class coating material, water- and oil-repellent coating material, optical glass, and optical crystal products. ZCQ products are used in many different fields, including semiconductor, telecommunications, optical fiber, optical coating, solar energy, electron, optics, chemical, medical treatment, aerospace, the military, and other high-tech industries.

GB/T19001-2008 QMS and RoHS certified, we have earned an excellent reputation with our international customers in the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia. In fact, our many years of experience in this field enable us to provide our clients with excellent quality products at very competitive prices. We also have our manufacturing headquarters conveniently located in Beijing, so we can quickly and easily fulfill all our customers' needs. OEM services are also readily available.

Please contact us for more information about our high precision Micro Quartz Capillary Tubes and Quartz Rods, Optical Thin Film Coating Materials for PVD applications, Oil/Water Repellent/Finger Proof Materials, Quartz Parts, Quartz Plate, Optical windows and Optical Crystal Products, and we'll happily help you with whatever products you require.

Hot Products

Send us inquiry now to get our Micro Quartz/Fused Silica Capillary Tubes & Rods stock list.

Under the rational optical coatings design and well-equipped evaporation equipment, our World Top-class Optical Coating Materials will serve you and solve the splash & mist problem in your coating process from the material aspect.

Various SiO2 Targets (including the big dimension) and I.T.O transparent conductive film material are in supply.